Business mail has always been important, but with the advent of Covid more and more of the business world is happening online which means that mail is actually on the up as items, projects, paperwork, and gifts have to be shipped rather than being picked up by individuals in a central office location.

Business Mail Overview

It is becoming the norm for new start ups and even established businesses to have team members across the globe, this again means reliable affordable mail services are more important than ever. Items sent by post normally fall into two categories. Items either need to get there fast, and so cost is no issue, or they need to get there efficiently and so can go slow. Having an overview of all the different types of business mail can help our clients make the right choices. Of course, the best way to find out how we can help you make the best and most cost-effective decisions for your business mail is to give us a call and we can deliver a range of options to meet your business needs.

Mailing Services

At Equator worldwide we have Long standing partnerships with LaPoste & SwissPost, two of Europe’s largest mail operators. We can offer, one-off or regular bulk distributions of mail items, priority and economy delivery solutions and ecommerce solutions. We can also work with you to create a range of targeted mail marketing campaigns.

Types of Mail

Here are some of the types of mail that we deal with:

Partially Addressed Mail – This is a way to reach potential customers without knowing their exact address or personal details. This lets you target like-minded customers by targeting households within the same post code as a current customer. These are not addressed to a person but can be used effectively as part of a wider marketing campaign.

Direct Mail – This is marketing mail that is personally addressed to your customer., this can be a catalogue, a letter or a flyer and it creates a personal connection with your customer. The data comes from your own database of customers, and it lets you target specific groups based on their previous purchase history or as a broader marketing drive. You can also use third party data to create highly personalised communication to potential customers.

Door Drops – This is a great way to reach more households, this can be done on a local or even a national level. You can target a geographical area and send information through the doors of those you think we be receptive to your messages. This is good to drive high volumes of traffic to a purchase option or a landing page on your website.

Great Mailing Services

Any type of campaign that involves highly targeting information into potential customers households will drive traffic and return on investment so contact the Equator team to see how they can support your mailing goals, either business mailing or marketing mailings.

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