The lockdown has caused huge problems for retail businesses across the UK. With restrictions now starting to be lifted, many companies are tentatively trying to tick all the safety boxes so that they can open and begin to trade again.

While the pandemic has its difficulties and challenges, it’s also a great time to re-evaluate your retail business and make some changes for the better.

Here we take a look at a few Post-Covid-19 resolutions you should be considering.

  1. Lose Poor Performing Partners

You may have suffered them begrudgingly while you were doing great business before the pandemic but it could now be time to find suppliers that fit your need better. For example, if you use a freight forwarding company to help you manage your shipping requirements across the world you may want to examine how they have performed.

  • Are they giving you good service?
  • Are they responsive to your needs?

This is a great time to start searching for alternative suppliers that really can match your needs and business goals whether you have one or one hundred stores the experienced team at Equator can get the best value shipping for your needs.

  1. Reach Out to Your Customers

This is also a great opportunity to do a little market research and get back in contact with your customers. They may be reticent about spending money at the moment because things are tight. Ask them how you can provide a better service and what sorts of products they would like to see.

The easiest way to do this is to send out surveys with a selection of simple questions. The results may give you a stronger platform to reopen on and provide what your customers are really looking for.

  1. Make Your Store Digital

Whether you have just one retail store or a whole chain, the hiatus of lockdown has been a great moment to improve that all-important online presence.

If you are not currently providing products through your website, for example, now is the time to build an ecommerce presence. Many people are still reticent about coming out and shopping in bricks and mortar stores. A web store gives your customers another option.

Also, look at your marketing and how you can improve this to get new customers. That includes engaging on social media and even taking a look at new marketing approaches such as pay per click advertising.

  1. Focus on Quality Control

Before Covid-19, there may have been little time to focus on your quality control processes. If you send out deliveries, for example, it’s a good idea to audit how your customers feel about your service. Are there many complaints? Do you have a process for returns? What can you do better?

You could also take this time to look at the layout of your retail store and whether your products are delivering on your customer expectations. For example, could giving your staff more customer service training improve your brand and make you more profitable?

The pause in service that many retail businesses have experienced over the last few months has been challenging to say the least. But it’s also been an opportunity to reimagine how services are delivered, who your suppliers are and where you are heading over the next few years.

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