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Whether you have an account query or need advice on sending your shipment, you’ll find all the answers on this page. If you have additional questions you can contact us here.

Tracking & Proof of Delivery

When booking you have the option of sending a Dispatch Confirmation to the receiver which includes a live tracking link allowing them to track their shipment and view receiver information.

You can also track shipments online and email Proof of Delivery details straight off our web page for speed and convenience.

Our automated systems can also be set to notify you or your systems by email of tracking and delivery updates in a variety of data and text formats.

Volumetric Weight Calculations

All shipments are charged by the greater of the deadweight or the volumetric weight and our online booking systems incorporate deadweight/volumetric weight calculators.

Volumetric weights are calculated by multiplying the Length X Height X Depth and dividing by a service divisor which should be clarified with Customer Services at the time of quoting/booking.

Restricted & Prohibited Goods

Depending on destination, mode of transport and Customs Import restrictions, certain goods may not be acceptable or restricted on different modes of transport.

Please click here for a list of Restricted / Prohibited items

Please ensure your shipment contents are not restricted or prohibited prior to collection as we cannot be held responsible for the delivery, non-delivery or return of restricted or prohibited items whether declared or non-declared prior to collection.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you cancel a shipment prior to collection we will refund all pre-paid charges in full. If the shipment has been collected but not shipped we will levy a handling charge commensurate with the costs incurred. If the shipment has already been shipped/exported we are unable to refund any pre-payment.

Timescales for making refund claims vary as per the mode of transport and service requested, ie express shipments are exported daily whilst road shipments may be exported twice weekly. Please therefore contact us asap should you need to cancel or amend your shipment.

All shipments are shipped subject to current BIFA (British International Freight Association) Standard Trading Conditions – copies available on request.

Size & Weight Restrictions

To facilitate loading of vehicles and aircraft size and weight restrictions apply to all services and should be clarified with Customer Services when quoting or booking.

Oversize items can be accommodated in most cases but surcharges may apply without prior notification.

All shipments must be able to be turned and laid down; regrettably we cannot adhere to ‘This Way Up’ requirements.


For total peace of mind, we can arrange insurance for you on almost any item you wish to ship with us at highly competitive rates.

Insurance must be pre-arranged with Equator when booking (before goods are collected into our care) and customers should be aware that cover will not be in effect unless pre-arranged as per our Standard Trading Conditions. Please contact us for details of cover available.

Shipping Regulations - Egypt

For Current regulations please click here: Current Egyptian Shipping Regulations

Quotations, Invoicing & Payment

All quotes given exclude VAT and any surcharges unless otherwise stated. Consignments will be invoiced at the greater of the actual or volumetric weight and/or the greater of any check weight or declared weight. Equator will endeavour to notify the customer of any weight or volumetric discrepancies but cannot be held liable should the customer not be notified prior to invoicing.

Customs Duties & Taxes

All customs duties and taxes by default will be charged to the consignee. We can provide a DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) service to certain countries with prior arrangement to have customs duties and taxes charged to the shipper. Please call for further details and applicable surcharges

Transit Times

Transit times quoted are in working days for documents only and are based on main business centres. All transit times are subject to flight and service availability.

Special deliveries before 0900, 1030, 1200 or Saturday, Same Day, and/or when insurance cover is required must be pre-advised to Equator prior to collection. Surcharges may apply to special deliveries.

Surcharge Information

Fuel Surcharge

Equator Worldwide charge a flexible fuel surcharge in line with the markets and carriers. The surcharge will change each month in relation to the monthly average spot prices for Kerosene / Jet fuel. Please contact Customer Services for information on the current fuel surcharges.

Remote Area Surcharge (RAS)

A Remote Area Surcharge is payable where a suburb/town or zipcode is difficult to serve. This applies for both collections and deliveries.

Un-Delivered Shipments

Please note that if a shipment cannot be delivered within 5 days the consignment will usually be returned to the sender. All charges applicable for the return will be billed to the customer. Please ensure your shipment documentation contains receivers contact name and phone numbers to minimise any delivery delays.

Dispatch Packing & Paperwork

To ensure your shipment arrives in the same condition as when it was collected we advise all customers to take particular care when selecting packing materials. If you are unsure what packing materials to use or do not have packing facilities we can arrange separate collection and professional packing on request.

Our online systems generate labels (airwaybills) and commercial invoices as well as a driver’s collection manifest for our driver to sign on collection.

Where the carrier is collecting directly from you we’ll generate and email over the required carrier labels so your shipment can be fully prepared for despatch prior to the driver’s arrival.

Commercial or Pro-forma invoices are required when sending anything other than documents. Please affix 4 originally signed copies of these to the outside of your shipment for customs purposes.

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