It’s never been easier to set up an e-commerce store, not only here in the UK but anywhere in the world. Like any online or brick and mortar retail outlet, however, one of the biggest challenges comes with delivery.

Here we look at the important elements that e-commerce outlets need to focus on when it comes to shipping to their customers. As shipping experts for all sizes of companies Equator Worldwide can help E-commerce stores succeed and get the most affordable shipping options for your needs.

The Expectations of Customers

With sites like Amazon, there’s one thing that is certain for upcoming and established retails outlets whether they operate solely online or have a bricks and mortar store. Quick delivery is critical. If you are operating to a local UK customer base, your options are generally good and can easily get deliveries out quickly at a relatively low cost.

But what if you are servicing a global audience? How do you get your product to them as quickly and, probably more importantly, as cheaply as possible? Shipping is a vital part of any business and making sure you get it right for all your customers is critical.

Putting the Right Team Together

E-commerce outlets often put a lot of effort into getting their online store right but spend less time thinking about delivery. Reputation is everything in the world of e-commerce and getting this particular aspect of your operation wrong can cost in ways that are difficult to recover from.

It’s important to take your shipping seriously and to work with partners who can deliver what you are looking for.

What to Consider?

You need to have a plan in place for shipping that covers all eventualities. If you are selling bulk products, what is the cheapest and most efficient way to get a delivery from A to B? Should you send deliveries abroad by air, land or sea? Each has its challenges and costs that can impact your bottom line.

One of the big considerations for businesses, of course, is the cost they add to what customers pay. This can affect their operational viability and even put customers off using their platform or service if they get it wrong.

That makes it even more imperative for ecommerce businesses to find the right shipping solutions.

There are some simple things to consider here. The first is size and weight as well as the quantity of the product being shipped. The other is the destination. Local logistics are relatively easy to handle. Outside of the UK, however, shipping can present multiple challenges not least for the type of products that are allowed to be imported into certain countries.

The big consideration is what shipping option is best for your business and how it suits the customer while keeping costs down for both sides.

Working with a Freight Shipping Company

There’s a lot to consider for ecommerce businesses but the truth is that forming strong relationships with a flexible logistics outlet is important, particularly if you intend to export overseas.

When you consider that a third of buyers have bought products from another country, you will see the importance of building a relationship with an experienced shipping company that can handle your needs and deliver flexible solutions that not only match your business aspirations but those of your customers.

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