More and more of us are taking the plunge and starting a business from home. The thought of being your own boss gathered momentum during the pandemic and seems to be increasing. Many businesses have been successful and are now looking to expand. But how do you upscale when your home only has a limited amount of room to store products and other business-related stock?

Shipping and Storage Solutions

The answer may be to partner with a shipping company that can also provide storage. Equator Worldwide not only provide excellent shipping options but they can also help you manage storage and shipping with their powerful online systems. Whether you need storage for a one-off project or need ongoing storage and fulfilment support. Talk to the experienced team at Equator to meet and exceed your expectations.

The Benefits of Storage

For businesses, one of the challenges is finding a storage space that is both safe and secure and easy to access when they want to send out products to their customers. The other option is to rent a property for this purpose at great cost, something that is often beyond most homegrown businesses even if they are growing quickly.

With Equator’s storage solutions, you don’t need to worry about the location or staffing of your new asset. These are all provided for you. They can hold large amounts of stock at any one time which means you can grow your business more realistically without worrying about capacity.

Storage is flexible which means it can grow at a pace that is manageable for you and you can future proof your business by not having to purchase your own warehouse space which may not be big enough within a year or so.

Storage also comes with the expertise if the storage and shipping company meaning you can get expert advice quickly on your storage and shipment needs. You are an expert in your business, and we are an expert in ours. Utilizing that expertise helps you avoid costly mistakes.

Storage Considerations

You may require certain features such as temperature-controlled units and you’ll want to know that your stock is not mixed up with that of other customers which can lead to confusion.

  • Equator offers stock receipt, checking, imaging and storage of single or multiple products.
  • Security is important and we can offer secure storage facilities with 24-hour security and CCTV to give you peace of mind.
  • We offer an online portal so you can monitor your stock from receipt to delivery.
  • We also have a huge range of packing materials in stock ready to safely pack your goods.
  • Equator can consolidate multiple items into single shipments making shipping easier and more cost effective.
  • We offer IATA compliant labelling and packaging for any hazardous goods.

Boost Your Business

Equator Worldwide can support your business goals with both shipping and storage options to maximise flexibility and cost effectiveness.

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