E-commerce is the way many, if not most retailers no operate, even if they also have bricks and mortar stores so it is essential that these businesses have a great partner like Equator Worldwide to support their shipping needs. Both stock coming into their stores and getting the product to their customers in the UK or internationally.

The main aim for E-commerce businesses is to establish an efficient and cost-effective method to ensure that items are received within a certain timeframe which means that operating your business online has many benefits.

E-Commerce Shipping Considerations

E-commerce shipping can easily become a key part of your business – all you need is a clear shipping strategy. Before you can begin shipping e-commerce orders, you’ll need to have a pricing strategy. Offering free or cheap e-commerce shipping can be a good incentive but bear in mind you’ll have to pay the price of shipping out of your profits.

You could decide to charge a flat rate which works well if you’re selling products of similar sizes and weights, but this can be complex if you sell a wide variety of products. Or you could customise your delivery area using local couriers which cuts down on delivery costs and allows you to offer free delivery for goods over a certain order amount.

E-Commerce Packaging Considerations

E-commerce package delivery requires the packages to be secured properly for delivery. You could use padded envelopes, boxes, and standard packaging materials, or consider packaging services from specialised companies. Some e-commerce shipping companies will provide poly mailers that are ideal for products that don’t need a lot of protection such as clothing. Keeping the package as light and small as possible will save on your e-commerce shipping rates.

Shipping Insurance Considerations

Shipping insurance and tracking options can offer additional security. With the majority of e-commerce shipping companies, insurance and tracking is relatively cheap and give you options if your packages get lost or damaged.

E-commerce fulfilment explained

E-commerce fulfilment is exactly as the term implies – the process of getting the stock you sell online to your customers in a manner that guarantees you repeat business. It’s the sorting, selection, packing, and delivery and can be done by you or by outsourcing the logistics to a third party company who’ll do it all for you.

These third-party logistics companies will ship your goods to a warehouse to be stored, known as a fulfilment centre. Any orders placed by your customers will automatically be received via your e-commerce website by your fulfilment centre. Picking will then ensure the correct items are selected which are then packed by the centre staff. The goods are then delivered to their final destination.

International e-commerce shipping

If you’re shipping internationally you’ll need to include the proper customs documentation, which you can obtain at your local post office, shipping retail location, or via Shopify shipping options online. Forms need to be completed clearly and accurately taking into account any additional customs fees that may be due when your package reaches its destination that needs to be paid by your customer.

Whatever the size of your company or the goods you are shipping, using a logistics partner such as Equator Worldwide will support your business goals and growth.

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