Pre-Brexit, shipping to our nearest neighbour was relatively straightforward. In the post-Brexit landscape, however, businesses navigating the complexities of shipping into and out of the European Union (EU) face bigger challenges.

Brexit has ushered in a new era of customs declarations, VAT considerations, and more regulatory red tape that confuses even the most seasoned exporters and importers. This is where the strategic importance of partnering with a fulfilment partner becomes clear.

Here’s why a fulfilment partner is not just beneficial but essential for companies looking to thrive in this new context.

Navigating the Maze of Customs and Regulations

The most immediate impact of Brexit on businesses has been the introduction of more extensive customs paperwork and the need to comply with import/export regulations.

A fulfilment partner, specialised in global shipping, possesses the expertise and resources necessary to navigate these bureaucratic hurdles more efficiently. They ensure that all shipments comply with the latest regulations, reducing the risk of delays or penalties for non-compliance.

VAT and Taxation Expertise

VAT and taxation rules have also undergone significant changes post-Brexit, with different rules now applying to goods moving between the UK and EU.

Fulfilment partners can also help manage these tax obligations, ensuring that the correct VAT is applied and paid for the destination country’s requirements. This not only helps in maintaining compliance but also in avoiding unexpected tax liabilities that can arise from incorrect VAT handling.

Cost Efficiency

One of the big arguments for working with an experienced fulfilment partner is the potential for cost savings. By leveraging their extensive logistics networks, fulfilment partners can offer more competitive shipping rates than businesses might be able to secure independently.

Their expertise in customs and tax matters has the potential to save businesses from costly errors and inefficiencies.

Time Savings and Focus on Core Competencies

The administrative burden of managing shipping and compliance in-house can be quite considerable. That means your business may be diverting valuable time and resources away from your core activities.

By outsourcing these functions to a fulfilment partner, you can reallocate your focus towards growth and development opportunities. Fulfilment partners streamline the shipping process, handle the paperwork, and manage the logistics, allowing your business to concentrate on what it does best.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Of course, customer satisfaction is also pretty important. Delays, customs issues, or unexpected fees can significantly impact their experience. Fulfilment partners help mitigate these risks by ensuring smooth, efficient delivery of goods to the end customer. Moreover, many fulfilment partners offer tracking and other customer service solutions that help to build trust.

A fulfilment partner offers businesses a lifeline, simplifying the complexities of global shipping, ensuring compliance, and potentially saving time and money. Their expertise and infrastructure enable businesses to navigate the new landscape of EU trade with confidence, focusing on growth and customer satisfaction. In modern business, a fulfilment partner is not just a luxury but a necessity if you are looking to thrive in the most important market close to home.

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