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Claims Guide

We're sorry to hear that you have experienced an issue with a shipment.

Equator Worldwide are members of the British International freight Association (BIFA 2005) and as such trade under their nationally accepted set of Standard Trading Conditions, a full copy of which is available here.

Am I covered for damage or loss?

If you opted to take out insurance when making your booking either online or in writing prior to collection we will be able to present your claim to our insurers for investigation subject to policy conditions. Please refer to Condition 11(A) for more information.

How and when should I notify Equator of a claim?

Your claim must be notified in full to us using the form below within 14 days of the shipping date. Please refer to Condition 27(A) for more information.

Whats the process?

On receipt of your completed claim form we will investigate your claim in conjunction with our advisors Cargo Claims International Ltd.

We will keep you informed as best we can during the process but should you wish to contact us please email us.

All questions must be answered and all documentation provided before the claim can be considered

You may be asked to provide additional details

All claims are strictly subject to BIFA Standard Trading Conditions 2005A.


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