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The European Union have agreed to an extension of article 50 up to 31st October 2019.

What does this mean?

The default position was that the UK would leave the EU on Friday 12th April that has now changed to October 31st.

However if parliament approves the PM’s withdrawal agreement (MV4) as agreed with the EU council then the UK could leave sooner at a date to be agreed.

If the withdrawal agreement does not pass then the UK would leave on October 31st as agreed by the EU without a deal.

If we left without a deal the UK would no longer be part of the Single Market or the Customs Union, EU treaties would cease to apply in the UK and goods would be subject to border checks and tariffs under World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.

We’ll support you whatever the outcome

While it remains uncertain what Brexit may bring, we’re committed to taking care of your shipping needs. Through our trusted courier partners’ knowledge of international trade, state of the art IT systems and customs specialists around the world, you can be certain that they are uniquely prepared to take on the future outcome.

Equator and our courier partners are following the latest Brexit developments closely and whatever the outcome over the coming weeks and months, we will be on hand to help advise your business through the changes.

We have already made updates to our booking systems to enable us “at the flick of a switch” come March 29th to process all current EU shipments as non-EU giving customers a seamless transition.

Additionally each of our core partners have a dedicated Brexit team assessing potential impacts and are making necessary arrangements to ensure we are well positioned to update you regarding any new processes and regulations.

To understand what you can do to prepare for Brexit, please click on the below links for relevant couriers Brexit advice:

DHL - Supporting our customers through Brexit

DPD – Getting Brexit Ready

No deal EU exit step-by-step guide to Exporting

No deal EU exit step-by-step guide to Importing


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