Whether you are a new start-up or an established company, shipping can be a complicated business. While handling all the logistics yourself can deliver cost-savings with smaller shipments, as needs grow, you may want to consider working directly with a freight forwarding company.

Not only will this release time so you can focus on more important things such as further business growth, but it also gives you a firm strategic infrastructure that will ensure you make the most of your operational budget.

Your Shipping Needs are Changing

One issue that may lead to you investigating the potential of using a freight forwarding company, of course, is if you are starting to look at overseas sales and building connections around the globe.

As your shipping needs grow, things will become increasingly complicated. This is especially true if you are dealing with different countries which have varying import and export laws and regulations. This could lead to top-heavy shipping practices that do not achieve a good return on investment and take up far too much of your time.

A freight forwarder with experience will be able to assist your business in finding the right solutions that deliver cost efficiency and streamlined shipping practices. It also allows you to be much more flexible in your approach.

There are Problems with Your Current Shipping Arrangements

For any shipping provision, the organisation involved is critical. It is important to have the right processes in place and understand the market you are importing and exporting goods to and from.

Problems you might see with your current freight forwarder or with ad hoc shipping strategies are goods lost in transit or freight turning up at a location with the wrong paperwork.

The other issue with shipping we often see is poor customer service, sometimes even the complete lack of it. It is important when you have a lot of freight being delivered that you can call your logistics company and get an update on what is happening or approach them easily if you have a problem. If your current shipping arrangements are not currently delivering in this area, finding a better freight forwarding company is essential.

You Have Strict Timeframes

Shipping using an experienced freight forwarding company is critical if you are on strict timeframes for delivery. Delayed shipments not only cost you money but can also damage your reputation.

A freight forwarding company can advise on the quickest delivery routes, how to keep your costs under control and, more importantly, how to keep your customers happy.

You Want to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

All businesses nowadays should work to reduce their carbon footprint and help protect the planet. In many places around the world, offsetting carbon usage is a legal requirement. A freight forwarding company that has a focus on low carbon solutions can help you achieve this and it has numerous benefits for your business.

You Need to Streamline Your Shipping Arrangements and Lower Costs

The biggest reason why you may take a fresh look at your shipping process is to streamline delivery and reduce costs.

With a freight forwarding company, like Equator Worldwide, you should get all your services in one package that helps you make better shipping decisions and keep costs to a bare minimum without compromising your goods or your service. It also gives you the flexibility you require to better compete on the world stage.

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