When businesses are delivering something urgently, they generally have the choice between posting it or using a courier service. Many believe that the two are the same, but some big differences mean a courier is by far the best option for most organisations.

Here we look at the benefits of a good courier service, and expert advice from an experienced team such as Equator Worldwide, can have a significant impact on your business.

  1. Specialist Deliveries

While posting can be a good option nationally, businesses still only have an estimated time when delivery will take place. Courier services are much more specialist and generally deliver with greater speed and efficiency. This is especially true if you are trying to send goods or items such as important documents internationally.

While a postal delivery might deliver in a couple of days, if you require same day or next day delivery and you want it to be set in stone, then a courier service provides the best options.

  1. The Size of Your Package

Another issue that courier services handle much better is coping with deliveries of different sizes. There’s a limit to what your average postal service can take.

With a courier service, on the other hand, there are few if any size restrictions. Again, this is particularly important if you are considering transporting and delivering goods abroad.

  1. Tracking Your Delivery

Knowing where your goods are is important to businesses, especially if the customer calls and wants to know where you are up to. While postal services do provide tracking for parcels, courier services deliver what is called real-time tracking – that means you can check anytime where your delivery is and keep everyone informed.

Courier services also have a dedicated customer service infrastructure in place. That means you can call them up and get their support if you need it. When shipping abroad, delays are often part and parcel of the delivery process – some can be anticipated, and others can’t. With real-time tracking, you have a better chance of managing your logistics and keeping your customer happy at the same time.

  1. Packing Your Goods

There’s no doubt that ensuring your goods are packaged properly gives you the confidence that they will arrive in excellent condition, especially when delivering abroad.

Postal services don’t provide any advice or support in this area while courier services do. In short, they can tell you the best way to pack your goods, especially if you are transporting fragile goods.

  1. Paying Tax and Duties

This applies to many goods that are transported abroad and it’s something that courier services are particularly good at handling and advising on.

They can offer what is called DDP or delivery duty paid which means that there are few if any delays as the courier service pay for you before delivery. It means that your recipients don’t get a nasty additional charge when the postman turns up at their door.

  1. Tailored Delivery

Finally, postal services, while varied, are limited in scope. Courier services are more flexible and work hard to deliver a bespoke delivery for their customers. That means, if you have something out of the ordinary, they will be able to find a tailored solution for you.

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