Moving items around the world can be simple when you have the support of a great freight forwarder like Equator Worldwide. One of the many things you will need to consider when you are shipping freight and cargo around the world is the size and type of shipping containers used for different types of cargo.

Shipping Containers Overview

The type of shipping container needed, will depend on the goods being moved, some shipping containers have specific design specifications for different classes of goods. Most shipping containers are designed to be all-rounders, this means they protect their cargo in transit from seaspray and have locks that only allow authorised people to open them. Others such as dry containers, high cube and open sided are designed for specific types of cargo.

Dry Shipping Containers

These are the most common types of shipping container and are often known as general containers as they are suitable for general cargo. Dry shipping containers are designed, as their name suggests, to keep the cargo inside of them dry so they arrive at their destination in the same condition that they were packed in. Whether these dry shipping containers are placed on the back of trucks or on ships or waiting at ports for distribution they are effective at keeping their cargo safe and dry. These containers come in a wide variety of sizes and a shipping expert will be able to identify the right size for your consignment.

Double Door Shipping Containers

These useful containers are most common for large and bulky items of cargo. A double door shipping container is essentially the same construction as the dry containers above with the added benefit of having doors located at either end of the container. This makes it much easier for loading and unloading bulkier cargo such as steelwork. These containers also work well when the unloading destination has limited space as the contents can be accessed from either end.

High Cube Shipping Containers

If you are shipping large goods or a large amount of goods it can be more practical and cost effective to use a container which has extra capacity than the standard shipping container. Instead of renting a second, costlier container a high cube shipping container will give you the extra capacity you need. These containers have the same structure and ability to keep goods safe and dry as other containers they are simply about a foot higher giving the extra capacity you may need with the same container footprint.

Open Sided Shipping Containers

These shipping containers differ in structure from the others listed above as they have doors that will open on one side or the other. If you have goods that will not fit though a standard container door then these are the shipping containers you will need. These containers are also useful if you speed of unloading is an issue as this can be done faster with these containers than the standard shipping containers.

Worldwide Shipping

There are many options when it comes to shipping your goods around the world, the team at Equator Worldwide have the knowledge and experience to help you ship your items to their destination. Whether your need is speed of delivery or keeping costs down, an experienced freight forwarder is the only way to ensure you get your goods to where they need to be safely and at the nest possible price. Talk to the team today to get your goods moving.

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