It’s not just finding the right freight company to transport your goods across the UK or around that world that matters. How you pack your products yourself can also make a big difference to your bottom line.

The last thing you want is for your goods to get damaged because of poor packing processes. It’s important to have a set protocol in place for this, whether you send a large number of goods by freight or have only the occasional delivery planned.

One of the unsung heroes of the packing world is the humble pallet. It makes transporting goods that much easier and is a cheap and easy option that the vast majority of companies still use.

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They’ve been around since the first forklift truck was invented back in 1915 and they haven’t changed much since.

But how do you pack your pallet and make sure that you get your goods to the delivery point safely and securely? Here are our top tips to get it right the first time:

  1. Have Some Quality Control

While they seem sturdy enough, pallets can get bashed about and damaged over time, especially when being transported from one place to another. Before packing something onto a pallet, the best thing you can do is check that it is sturdy enough and there is no obvious damage.

Repair if needed or replace if the damage is too extensive that it puts your load at risk.

  1. Spread the Load

Rather than drop your goods right on top of the pallet, we suggest that you use a sheet of wood as an additional protective layer first. This not only spreads the weight but also ensures your pallets last longer.

  1. Wrapping and Strapping

It’s important to make sure that your goods are properly protected above the level of the pallet. If you are using bubble wrap, for instance, make sure that it fully covers your product. Heavy goods should be strapped to the pallet to avoid it shifting or breaking the base during transportation.

If you are using old boxes to pack a bunch of items, make sure that you remove any mailing labels. Should your packing break in transit this will ensure that your goods still get to the right address.

Banding and shrink wrap provide an extra layer of protection for your goods and should mean that there is less risk of things breaking open during transportation.

  1. Packing Practices to Avoid

There are several practices that you should avoid when packing a pallet. First of all, don’t overload it just because you want to save a few pounds here and there. Neither should you have items that extend over the edge of the pallet and make it less stable. Both these mistakes make your package a lot weaker and more likely to get damaged during its trip to the delivery location.

We also suggest that you put the heaviest objects at the bottom. This makes your pallet a lot more stable and should prevent it accidentally falling over in transit. To discuss the best way to move your items around the world contact Equator Worldwide today for expert options.

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