A lot of work, technology and processing goes into transporting goods from one part of the world to another. International logistics covers everything from packaging and storing to transportation by sea, land and air and making sure the relevant paperwork is filled in. The experienced team at Equator can handle all this for you at a competitive price.

For businesses, international logistics is about not just keeping the costs down but ensuring that goods arrive on time and reach their destination safely. Logistics involves a complex supply chain that needs to respond at all times to changing demands.

Why Warehousing is Critical

The importance of being able to store goods for delivery is increasingly critical in international transportation. That could mean having products from cars to toasters ready to go at a moment’s notice here in the UK. It can also include working with a warehouse company in another country to store goods there and help reduce delivery times when new orders are received.

Transportation and International Logistics

Whether it is by land, sea or air, there’s no doubt that transportation methods play an integral role in logistics. If you need to get a large number of goods to another country, having the right sea cargo company to work with is vital. If you want to get an emergency order to a customer in China, the USA or somewhere else, for example, access to air freight is indispensable.

There are some important factors to take into account when employing a freight shipping company for your business. First and foremost, they need to transport to the country that you need them to and be able to put in place all the right paperwork.

Integrity plays a significant role in any relationship and working with an international logistics company is no different. You have to be able to trust that the business has quality assurance and other processes in place to ensure safe delivery. Openness and transparency are also important so that you know where your goods are at practically every stage of the transportation process.

Timing can be incredibly important for businesses delivering abroad. Goods can get help up in transit for a variety of reasons. They can also be held up at borders if the right paperwork is not completed. It’s highly important to work with a logistics company that guarantees delivery as and when you need it.

What A Good Logistics Team Delivers

An international logistics team will work with your business to decide which is the best mode of transport for your goods and your delivery time. This needs to be flexible depending on your requirements and the needs of your customers. The vast majority of shipping goes by sea unless it is urgent or can be transported overland by HGV to a destination relatively nearby.

The cost of transporting goods by sea will vary depending on the distance, the destination and whether you have a full container or are sharing with another company and their goods. The goal of the international logistics team is to work out which is the most cost-effective solution of your business and ensures your goods get to their destination safely and on time.

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